Apply Now

Applications are now open for PROJECT HAITI, which set for the fall of 2018. Have the chance to spend a week with the nation's leading doctors from across the nation volunteering in a hospital in Haiti. This is a valuable experience for all individuals to experience global health and learn the fundamentals of medicine at the bedside, shadowing physicians that teach one another using novel medical technologies.


Who can apply?

Undergraduates, medical students, graduate students, residents, and community members are encouraged to apply. Atria Connect will work to accommodate as many personnel as possible, but cannot guarantee everyone a volunteer spot.


I'm interested in global health but am not a premedical or current medical student. Can I still apply?

Of course! All individuals, regardless of their medical knowledge or background, are encouraged to apply.


What are my financial obligations?

All individuals are expected to pay $1,875* for the cost of all trip expenses. This sum will pay for all transportation, food, and lodging costs. We encourage individuals to crowdfund or apply for funding from their affiliated institutions to help pay for the costs.

*Note: International students originating from outside the United States can expect to pay greater than this amount, depending on their country of origin. Please contact Atria Connect at if you'd like to receive a preliminary price quote.


What are my volunteer obligations?

  • Providing assistance to team members (within personal capabilities) to the fullest extent. Individuals will also not interfere with the medical responsibilities of other team members, which are the most important priority.

  • Documenting progress made by the Haitian physician trainees in terms of a direct assessment of hands-on skills at acquiring and interpreting the scans obtained , as well as a general overview of patient visits. Individual patient visits do not necessarily need to be documented. The documentation process is up to individual discretion, but at the end of the trip, all documentation must be uploaded to the individual’s user account on Atrium.  The goal is to regularly assess the skills of the physicians we are training.

  • Act in a responsible manner and treat the trip as a valuable educational experience.


How do I apply?

Please email Atria Connect at with your full name, email address, phone number, home state (or country if international student), your resume/CV and a 150-300 word statement explaining why you are interested in participating in this program. Please allow for 3-5 business days for Atria Connect to get back to you and schedule a phone interview.