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AtriaConnect's University Chapters play a critical role in carrying out the mission of the organization. While volunteer doctors and students are traveling abroad to teach clinicians diagnostic modalities, student-led chapters are focused on making treatment options available for those who need them most.

Every one of AtriaConnect's university chapters focuses on a particular physiology or common pathology. When our volunteer doctors encounter a patient that desperately needs assistance with their treatment, a university chapter steps in and helps the patient financially realize advancements in their care.

Students ranging from undergraduates to medical students and interns are invited to partake in one of our many global volunteering endeavors to catalyze change in developing areas.


Email with your name, the university you attend, current year, and contact information. Our team will get back to you in 5-7 business days for an over-the-phone interview to discuss the next steps.


AtriaConnect is a proud member of the Sling Health LA Network. To learn more, visit

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