On average, Haitians have access to fewer than 10 physicians per 10,000 individuals.  

Access to Healthcare
Haitians have limited access to medical resources; only 25% of all births are attended by a clinical professional.
Healthcare Access and Quality Index (%)
Source: IHME
Source: IHME
The average life expectancy in Haiti is only 44 years. We can address the top three causes of death through proper point-of-care diagnosis. 
Haiti spends $42 per year per capita in total healthcare spending, which is over 150 times less than that of the United States.
Source: IHME

Project Haiti

Delivering Education and Innovation

in Point-of-Care Ultrasound

Sept. 2018 - Sept. 2019

9 Trips

16 Physicians

12 Trainees

3.7 billion dollars are spent by the U.S. alone on medical aid. We're teaching Haitian physicians how to practice medicine better so that they can teach their own colleagues, who in turn will teach others. This reduces the cost of medical mission trips in the long run while stimulating the Haitian economy.
To the left, Dr. Johnson is teaching Dr. Ricardo Henri how to use a cardiac ultrasound probe to take a look at a patient's heart. The team found that the patient had fluid buildup in his chest, which would have been left undetected without the help of POCUS.
Students are an integral part of every team sent to Haiti. In a unique educational experience, undergraduates and medical students are encouraged to get hands on and help the doctors in any capacity. AtriaConnect aims to inspire the next generation of global health leaders.
To the right, Michael Yao, an undergraduate student at Caltech, is working with Dr. Ricardo Henri and David Merey to interpret a particularly complex ultrasound image. Klare Aziz (not pictured) is a student based in Oregon and had the opportunity to perform a thoracentesis procedure!
Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, but teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.
After only a week of teaching, a group of Haitian physicians is working together to read an ultrasound image without the help of one of our volunteers. When Haitian clinicians work with and learn from one another, language and culture barriers immediately disappear.

Project Armenia

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