A platform to connect, educate, and treat patients in the 21st century.

Atria has developed a free online platform, Atrium, to connect physicians in low-resource communities to other physicians around the world. Atria organizes bi-weekly trips to target medical clinics, provides these clinics with relevant point-of-care medical devices, teaches local physicians how to use them, and fosters a global network of physicians through our online platform.

Collect Data

Atria travels to target locations and collects data at local clinics to assess and diagnose the problem specific to each individual community.

Develop Personalized Solution

We collaborate with physicians in America and those in the target community to develop solutions unique to each individual community.

Atria collaborates with medical device companies and labs in America to provide target community with the point-of-care devices.

Provide Devices

Educate Local Physicians

Atria-registered physicians will travel to target locations and educate local physicians on how to diagnose diseases using the provided devices.

Atria-registered physicians will travel to target clinics bi-weekly with medical students and volunteers to ensure continuity of care.

Regular Volunteer Trips

Atrium Connect

An interface between local physicians and those abroad will allow them to upload images and ask questions which experienced physicians can answer via our platform. 

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